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Erich is a local artist residing in Cambridge. He grew up in a small town in New Jersey and moved to Cambridge in the late 90's. He is a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where he earned an Associate Degree in Visual Communications. He has been doing art for the past 15 years professionally, working in sign shops and design firms until several years ago when he and his wife had their 1st child (since then they have had a 2nd). He decided to be a stay at home Dad and do his art from there.

As an artist, Erich has tried to portray the subjects in his work as realistically as possible, while still keeping a painterly feel to the piece. He has always had a love for animals, especially horses, and tries very hard to capture their true essence. Erich wants to put the viewer right there with the subject matter, to draw them into this small world he has created and let them see, hear and almost feel the surroundings. His goal with each piece is to stir a feeling or emotion with every viewer, good or bad. As long as the viewer walks away feeling something, the piece is a success in his eyes.

Erich believes that life lives in the details, and so he incorporates as much detail into his art as he can without it being overbearing. It is easy to overwork a piece with too much detail. So he strives to get that balance in each and every drawing or painting he does.

As a child, Erich was fascinated with horses so it seemed only right that his main focus in his artistic endeavors revolve around them. At age 8, his Uncle took him to Williamsburg, VA to Busch Gardens. There he saw the Budweiser Clydesdales and was in awe. They were huge, standing over 20 hands tall. He decided then that he would one day own a draft horse. Since then, he and his family have acquired a Belgian Draft Horse gelding, a Quarter Horse mare, 2 Shetland Pony mares and an Icelandic Horse gelding. They have rounded out their own little herd.

Although Erich loves to paint and draw horses, it’s not all he does. Among his current work are: custom painted portraits, illustrations, murals and pencil portraits. If you’re interested in having a piece done or want to know what prints are available, please contact Erich at: 

E-MAIL: * PHONE:  763-689-3795 * CELL:  763-639-1900
Artist Statement

I strive to stir a feeling or emotion with every painting or drawing I complete. Many times my work is derived from an emotion that I may be experiencing at the time. I create my paintings in hopes the viewer sees it and understands exactly where I am in my life at the time of creation. I try to draw the viewer into my little world using color, action and detail.

Often times we disregard the details in our everyday lives. We get so busy in the chaos, that we find ourselves running through our days without seeing the world around us. My goal is to show all those wonderful little details and capture attention for a brief moment in time. I believe life exists in the small details. Without them, life becomes boring and dull. Imagine a sunset with no color and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

I choose to express these thoughts and emotions through the use of acrylic paints applied with an airbrush. I have tried many different mediums and have always come back to the acrylics. I love the vibrant colors, the quick drying time and the ability to use many layers of thin washes to create the desired depth in a piece. The airbrush has been my tool of choice for nearly 10 years now. It gives me the ability to blend colors seamlessly, to achieve wild textures and yet allows me to include fine detail in my work. It has taken me many years to be able to say I am very comfortable with my abilities with the airbrush, but the time has been more than worth it.

As I move forward into life, I find myself constantly wanting to push myself farther and harder than before. I want to continue to create, but try out different color schemes or subject matter. In the past I painted mainly horses. I still enjoy it, but I feel the need to expand into other venues and subject matter. Recently, I created a fantasy painting of a mythical creature and an environment from my own mind. It was difficult, as I always had some sort of reference for my paintings, but it was also very rewarding. I now know I can do something like that. I am also planning a few paintings of sea creatures. My son is very into wild life and nature. For school, he had to do a report on a sea creature. He was assigned the sting ray and has become fascinated with them. In wanting to share something special between just the two of us, I have decided to use some of these wonderful creatures in my paintings. This will open the door to the different subject matter that I have been longing to use and also give me the chance to explore a little more intimately the monochromatic palette.

I feel so blessed to be able to express myself through my work, and look forward to the future and what it may hold for me and my family.



Associates Degree in Specialized Technology (Visual Communications)
The Art Institute of Philadelphia May 1995

Airbrush University 2007-2008


Isanti County Fair 2004-2009
MN State Fair overflow Hopkins Center for the Arts 2006
Sandhill Center for the Arts 2006
Image 2006-2009


The Artist Magazine Annual Cover Contest 2006-2007
14th Annual North Light Cover Competition 2006
Mike Learn's Mojo 777 Competition 2009


Hopkins Center for the Arts – Supporting Member
Sandhill Center for the Arts – Council Member


Reserve Champion Isanti County Fair 2004-2009
First Place Isanti County Fair 2004-2010
Grand Champion Isanti County Fair 2005, 2008-2009
Second Place Isanti County Fair 2010
People’s Choice Award Image Show 2007
Third Place Image Show 2008
Second Place Learn Airbrush Mojo 777 Contest 2009


Horses...As Seen Through the Eyes of an Artist

"Horses... As Seen Through the Eyes of an Artist"
The Belgian Review - The Belgian Corporation of America

Horsing Around

"Horsing Around"
AB Mag - Bear Air

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